South Gildford Lutheran Church

This history of South Gildford Lutheran Church
was written by member Mabel Johnson in May, 1983, on the occasion of the Kremlin All-School Reunion.

Records kept of the South Gildford Lutheran Church, in operation about the year 1914, were stolen and were never found.

The founders of this church were: Willard Holo, Edward I. Rice, August Fisk and wife, Elmer Hoff (he donated the land), Olaf Melby, Sol Melby, Mons Borlaug, Marius Hanson and wife, Mabel and Lloyd Johnson.

Later on others became part of the church: Peter Bakke, Oliver Engebretson, Chris Reum, Ole Reum, Ben Matheson, George Borlaug, Knute Brettene, Carrie Gatzemeier, Jim Griffith, Nora Vosen, Finn Hanson, Trudy Kurtz, Joe and Olga Irvin. Also, Melvin Tew, although he never became a confirmed member.

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