Kremlin School History

This Kremlin School History was written by Ella (Mrs. Ralph) Howser for the Kremlin All-School Reunion Booklet published in 1983.
Ella and her twin sister Edna Smith taught in Kremlin in 1927.

Ella notes: "Most of the records here-in given were taken from the records of the Office of the County Superintendent of Schools." The records are located in the Hill County Courthouse in Havre, Montana.

Kremlin School History: The First Public School Built in Town

E.C. Carruth donated land to the Kremlin School District for the first public school in Kremlin, Montana.

A one-room school building was built in 1911, and was located about one-and-a-half blocks west of where the school was eventually built in 1937. It included all grades. Miss Leona Miller was its first teacher.

School board members were J.P. Engleberg, C.O. Miller, F.W. Thorne, and L.A. Parsons as clerk.

In 1913 another room was added on, and another teacher. There were then two teachers, Miss Davis and Miss Leona Miller.

The Second Public School Built in Town

A new two-story building was built in 1914 just east of where a larger school was later built in 1937. The lower two rooms were used first. Miss Mayme Casey and William Casey were the teachers.

Later the upper floor was used. Sliding doors separated the two rooms. Another teacher was added.

The school board was J.P. Engleberg, F. W. Thorne and C.D. Dunbar was clerk.

In 1917 the records show Miss Maude Anderson was added to the staff.

As new settlers came into the community, more children increased the school enrollment so that in 1919 there were five teachers as follows: Lawrence Huffman, Mrs. L.W. Faye, Margaret O'Neill, Evelyn Jensen, and Olive Jensen. The Courthouse records seem to vary so I'm not sure if these were full-time teachers. The next several years show only four teachers on the staff.

In 1924 and 1925 the school board was made up of R.L. Cameron, R.B. Purdy, F. M. Wilson, and E. E. Bohlig was clerk. The teachers were Oral Olson, Miss Kathleen Ashburner, Miss Maxine O'Brien and Miss Alice Overfield.

Later, as I understand, three years of high school were offered and now have five teachers in 1928 - those being Mr. Robert Leonard, Daisy L. Haynes, Miss Mary Marjerison, Miss Magda Syrstad and Miss Ella Smith. Mr. Leonard taught boxing to some of the boys and this helped settle a few arguments among the quick tempered boys. There were boys and girls basketball teams then.

A New School Building Was Built in 1938

In 1937 plans were made for a new school building which was completed in the spring of 1938 and moved into the last week of the school year.

Those on the school board were Mrs. Etta Roebeck, Christ Haugen, John Reynolds and Knute Havskjold as clerk.

Teaching staff was Leonard Kenfield, Mrs. Marian Arneson, Miss Marie Buckenberg, Caroline Meucke and Ella B. Howser (Mrs. Ralph Howser).

Records show in 1938-39 there were four years of fully credited high school offered. There were six teachers on the staff. Mrs. Granell was the school lunch cook.

In 1940-41 the Senior Class compiled the first edition of the school yearbook "The Lair".

The old school house built in 1914, affectionately known as "Alcatraz", housed shop classes in the basement and the first floor was used for apartments for the teachers. Later on this building was demolished and in 1956 new apartments, "The Teacherage" were built for teachers who wished to rent them.

In 1951-52 there were four teachers on the High School staff, four grade school teachers, and two school lunch cooks. The school continued to grow to accommodate the growing enrollment.

As the years passed, enrollment dropped and it became necessary for Kremlin and Gildford to consolidate. This was done in the year of 1971-72, and it became known as KG. The first six elementary grades were held in the Kremlin school and 7th and 8th grades and High School in the Gildford school. A bus was bought to transport the children to and from each school.

Most of the records here-in given were taken from the school records in the Courthouse of the Co. Supt. Office in Havre, Mt.

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