Kremlin Montana News History, 1922 - 1928

Kremlin's History Chronicled Through The Newspapers

Kremlin Montana News History, 1922 - 1928 from several sources.

November 16,1925
Family Moves to Kremlin Home

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. M. Petrie left Wednesday by auto, for Kremlin, Montana, where Mr. Petrie will be employed as second trick operator by the Great Northern Railway, a position similar to the one he has occupied in this city. Mrs. Petrie will return to Poplar within a few days and the family will move to their new home about December 1st.

August 14, 1927, Havre Daily News Promotor

A number of Havre and Fresno people held a charivari on Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Trulson at their Fresno home Wednesday evening.

Those attending were Mr. and Mrs. Bert Inman and children, Mrs. William Olson and children, Mr. and Mrs. Koble, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Mangalls and children, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Bulman and children, C. R. Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hary, Mr. and Mrs Wigmore, Mr. and Mrs. Nick Schend, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Parent, Mr. and Mrs. Wattam and children, Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Thomas and family, Mrs. Prawde and children. Misses Francis Thomas, Lucille Holsapple, Mildred Fitzgerald, Mary Goligoski, Emily Lynch, Helen Morley, Rose O'Neil, Lena Prawde, Mary Hayes, and Messers Leslie Green, Maurice Holsapple, Alfred Parent, Roy Parent, Roland Holsapple and Frank Lammerding.

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