Kremlin Montana News History, 1909 - 1915

Kremlin's History Chronicled Through The Newspapers marble granite fabricators. Kremlin Montana News History, 1909 - 1915 from several sources.

May 19, 1910, Page 5 - Pocahontas County Sun, Laurens, Iowa

P. W. Bishop has taken a claim near Kremlin, Montana and will move to it just as soon as he can make arrangement to dispose of his property here. Mr. Bishop is very enthusiastic over the prospects in that section. His new location is a short distance from the Canada line. The soil is a rich chocolate loam and has all the appearance of the much advertised lands of western Canada.

Theo Oltesvig orders his paper changed from South Dakota to Kremlin, Montana, near which place he has taken a claim.

March 30, 1911, Pocahontas County Sun, Laurens, Iowa

The Yeoman lodge held a social meeting last Tuesday evening: in honor of Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Bishop who were soon to leave for their new home in Kremlin, Montana. Som'r'set furnished the amusement and a good time was had. Mr. Bishop has been a diligent and faithful worker in the Yeoman lodge here and he will be greatly missed.

P. W. Bishop started his car of household goods the fore part of the week for his future home at Kremlin, Montana where he has a house already to move into. Mr. Bishop and the family expect to start this morning to drive overland in his new E-M-F auto. If the roads or weather should get too bad for the auto, he will ship wherever he may get stranded. He expects no trouble however in making the entire trip. Mr. and Mrs. Bishop have been several months in getting started to their Montana home and we had begun to hope that they would decide to stay here. Their many friends will wish them the best of success in their new location.

August 10, 1911, Pocahontas County Sun, Laurens, Iowa

P. W. Bishop, representing Bishop & Vosen, land locators, of Kremlin, Montana, inserts a card this week calling attention to their business. There is lots of good government land there yet but it is going fast, Mr. Bishop figures on going back through Minneapolis and getting another auto to handle their business.

P. W. Bishop has shipped his threshing outfit to Montana and he will follow it in a day or two.

August 17, 1911, page 5 - Pocahontas County Sun, Laurens, Iowa

P.W. Bishop left Friday for his home in Kremlin, Montana, after spending a couple of weeks here looking after business and renewing old acquaintances.

July 30, 1912, The Anaconda Standard
Havre - Special Dispatch to the Standard

Ed and Phil Miller, who lived on a homestead one mile north of Kremlin, Mont., on the line of the Great Northern railroad, were suffocated this morning at the bottom of a 45-foot well which they were digging on their claim.

After reaching a depth of 45 feet they encountered extremely hard earth, or rock, and before quitting work last night they exploded a blast of dynamite in the bottom of the well to loosen it up.

On returning to work this morning one of the brothers went down into the well to learn the result of the explosion and the other brother, hearing no sound from below, went down to see what was the matter. He found his brother dead and before help could come he himself was overcome by the accumulation of gas in the well and died before he could be raised to the surface.

It is not known whether the deadly gas at the bottom of the well was the result of the explosion or whether it was a flow of natural gas which the discharge of the dynamite penetrated.

The young men had lived on their homestead claim nearly two years and were engaged in dry-land farming. They were brothers of Charles Miller, one of the owners of the Kremlin townsite, and were formerly of Anamoose, North Dakota.

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