Kremlin Homesteader Otto Vogel, 1909

This history of Kremlin Homesteader Otto Vogel was written by his second-oldest son Raymond Vogel, on January 19, 1990.

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Kremlin Homesteader Otto Vogel was among the very earliest arriving
Kremlin homesteaders in 1909.

Otto Vogel was born in Frohna, Missouri on May 16, 1884. Otto lived with his parents until he was 21 years of age. He attended parochial and public school at Frohna which is located in Perry County, Missouri.

In about 1905 he went to Petersburg, North Dakota where he worked for his oldest brother on a farm. While he was in North Dakota, he worked for various farmers until he had saved enough money to go to Kremlin, Montana.

In 1909 he filed on a homestead nine miles northeast of Kremlin. [E½ Section 34/Township 34-N, Range 13-E.] Otto broke the 320 acres of sod with horses and a walking plow. He operated the diversified farm which consisted of cattle and grain all his life.

In 1916 Otto married Moly Sauter, a school teacher at the Cottonwood #2 School. They lived on the homestead until 1928 when they bought the Engaberg place, four miles northeast of Kremlin. The reason for moving was to get closer to an elementary school. Here their four boys could attend the county school which was only one-half mile from the new place. His children were educated there and at Kremlin High School.

In about 1945, Otto moved to Havre, Montana where he enjoyed retirement. He leased his farm to his second oldest son, Raymond, who operated the family farm, including the original homestead.

Otto Vogel had four sons: Edmund of Haines, Alaska; Raymond of Kremlin; Phillip was killed while on a bomb run in Germany during World War II serving in the U.S. Air Corps; and Samuel, also a Navy Veteran, now living in Havre.

Otto Vogel died on September 8, 1969 at Havre, Montana.

This additional history of Kremlin Homesteader Otto Vogel is taken from EARLY HISTORIES, by Earl C. Winter in 1941. The information was gathered in a biographical interview with Otto Vogel.

Otto A. Vogel was a native of the state of Missouri. His father was a farmer and Otto spent his early youth working on the old home place.

He earned his first money in a saw mill at $1.00 a day, and at that time it was not an eight hour day or forty hour week.

He came to Montana and filed on a homestead 10 miles northeast of Kremlin near the Milk River. In a few years he got some horses and a cow. From this cow he got his start in cattle, and now has about 60 head. [written in 1941]

Mr. Vogel at the same time increased his farming activities going from horses to tractor. For several years he has been farming 2 sections of land.

Mr. and Mrs. Vogel have four sons: Edmond, who is in the army at present, located in Alaska; Raymond is working for a construction company at Lodge Grass, Montana; Philip, who graduated from the Kremlin High School in 1940, is in a C.C.C. Camp, and Sammy is staying at home, helping with the farm work.

At one time Otto and his three brothers played on the Kremlin baseball team, Otto on the mound and his brother behind the bat.

"A friend in need is a friend, indeed". This applies to Mr. Otto Vogel.

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