Kremlin Homesteader Jule Jensen, 1910

This history of Kremlin Homesteader Jule Jensen was written by his daughter, Leona Hardy Jensen Larson. kimmyers site on strikingly best hgh injections.

Kremlin Homesteader Jule Jensen was among the earliest arriving
Kremlin area homesteaders in 1910.

A prominent figure in the growth of the Kremlin Community, Jule Jensen came from Fosston, Minnesota to Kremlin Montana to homestead in 1910 at the age of 27, with his wife, Mae Mikkelson, from Osakis, Minnesota. He filed on land 32.13.6 and 33.13.31 right at the future site of Kremlin.

In the following years he acquired several parcels of land in the community. Their first home was built south of the highway across from the main street of Kremlin, the business section.

Multiple Business Ventures

Mr. Jensen was partners in several business ventures and had the McCormick Deering store.

He was agent for International Harvester Co. and owned and operated the International Harvester hardware and implement store in Kremlin. He sold the Mogul 8-16, a 16-horsepower oil burning tractor that retailed for $675.00. He later sold the International Harvester dealership to Anton Knutson and sons.

    Jule Jensen and his new Ford Overland    (click photo to enlarge)
Jule Jensen and new Ford Overland

Jule also had a Ford car dealership in Kremlin. Henry Ford introduced the Model T in 1909. From 1910 to 1927 when the Model T ceased production, the Willys-Overland car was second in production. Here is a photo of Jule M. Jensen with his new Overland. (Photo was undated.)

Kremlin homesteader Jule Jensen was Kremlin's second postmaster, from 1912-1914. From 1918 through 1924 he served on the Kremlin school board.

(click photo to enlarge)         
Grandfather Mikkelson     
and Baby Leona
Grandfather Ole Mikkelson and Baby Leona

Baby Leona Hardy

In 1918, Mae Mikkelson Jensen's sister in Minnesota, Lena Mikkelson Hardy, died of complications of childbirth. Jule and Mae Jensen went to Minnesota to take over the care of Lena's young daughter, Leona Hardy, born October 28, 1916. Leona's father, Mr. Hardy, worked on the RR and was unable to care for the infant alone.

Jule and Mae brought the baby Leona back to Kremlin with them to care for. A short time later Mr. Hardy was killed in a RR accident, and the baby Leona remained with the Jensens.

In 1921 Jule's wife, Mae died. Jule Jensen then legally adopted Leona, who was 6 years old, and raised her as his own. He was the only parent that Leona ever knew.

Relatives Arrive

When Mae passed away, her sister Petra Mikkelson Johnson's (Mrs. Martin Johnson) oldest daughter Olga Johnson was brought to Kremlin from Grygla, Minnesota, to cook and help take care of Leona.

Another niece, Ovidia Peterson came with Olga to help. Ovidia Peterson returned to Minnesota later, and Olga stayed, helping with the raising of the young Leona and caring for the home.

Later two of Olga's brothers, Norton first, then Curtis Johnson came to the Kremlin area from Grygla, Minnesota also. Around 1932, Olga's sister, Pearl Johnson (who later married Carl Havskjold) came as well. Curtis "Curly" ended up going to work for Jule and eventually went on to work for Clarence Bishop after Jule sold out to Mr. Bishop.

Postmaster 1912-1914      
    Kremlin Homesteader Jule Jensen, 1925 (click to enlarge)            School Board 1918-1924
Jule Jensen, 1925
Postmaster 1912-1914, School Board 1918-1924

Niece Olga Johnson Marries

August 20, 1932, Olga married Stanley Knutson. She remained living in Kremlin and was there when Jule and Leona needed her help and advice. Olga was a beautiful seamstress and made all of Leona's clothing.

Kremlin homesteader Jule Jensen was also in the real estate business. He purchased a large amount of lots on the west side on Kremlin which he sold to people wanting to build.

Jule gave one of those lots to Olga (who had become like a daughter to him) and her new husband Stan as a gift so they could have a spot for a house. They let him know that they would like to purchase the lot next to it also for a garden and privacy, but couldn't afford it at that time. Jule assured them he would hold it for them.

One day, some people came to town and wanted to buy a whole bunch of lots from Jule and this particular lot was one of them. Since Olga and Stan were not around that day, he went out and collared Olga's brother Norton Johnson, and sold him the lot for $1 so he could get the sale recorded. The idea was that Norton would sign this over to Stan and Olga at a later date, which he did. Leona said the joke about that sale caused a lot of laughs for many years.

Leona Marries, Jule Moves to Havre

Leona lived at home until 1935, when she married George Larson of Havre on April 17, 1935. After Leona's marriage, in the late 30's Jule Jensen sold his holdings in Kremlin, including the house and acreage to Clarence Bishop. Mr. Bishop sold the original home to a grain company who moved it to Chester, MT. Mr. Bishop then built a new home in its place. (Many years later the Bishop home and land was sold to Kenneth Flynn.)

Jule moved to Havre, rented a room in the Havre Hotel, and purchased an interest in the Havre Bottling Works which he managed until his death in 1941. He resided in the Havre Hotel until shortly before his death.

KMH Research: Jule Myer Jensen (also "Juls" or "Jul", and "Jenson" in public records) was born December 16, 1882, in Minnesota to Andrew and Maria Jensen. Andrew was born Nov 1854 and Maria (also "Margot" or "Magie" in public records) in April 1847, both in Norway. They married in 1875 and emigrated in 1880 from Norway to Minnesota. They had 5 children, Leoris 1878, Betsy 1881, Jule 1882, Henry 1884, and Alma 1891.

(Click Map to Enlarge)
Township 32 North Range 13 East, Ownership Map 1917
Jule Jensen Homestead
SE 1/4 Section 6
NE 1/4 Section 6
Lot/Tract 1,2
(Map 32N R13E, 1917)

(Click Map to Enlarge)
Jensen Homestead Closeup
Jensen Homestead Closeup
SE 1/4 Section 6
NE 1/4 Section 6
Lot/Tract 1,2
(Map 32N R13E, 1917)

(Click Map to Enlarge)
Township 33 North Range 13 East, Ownership Map 1917
Jule Jensen Land
SE 1/4 Section 31
SW 1/4 Section 31
Lot/Tract 4
(Map 33N R13E, 1917)

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