Kremlin Homesteader Joseph Koutnik, 1912

This history of Kremlin Homesteader Joseph Koutnik was written by his daughter Eleanor Koutnik Nelson (Mrs. Lenus Nelson).

Kremlin Homesteader Joseph Koutnik was among the earliest arriving
Kremlin homesteaders in 1912.

Joseph M. Koutnik came west to Montana to file on a homestead in 1912. [SE 20/ 32-N 13-E] Joseph was born July 10, 1887 in Michigan to Joseph and Ann Koutnik, who had immigrated from Czechoslovakia.

    Joe Koutnik With Great Horned Owl, Kremlin, abt 1940    (click photo to enlarge)
Joe Koutnik with Great Horned Owl, Kremlin abt 1940

In 1913, Kremlin homesteader Joseph Koutnik, "Joe", met Margaret J. Sterling who had come from Minnesota to visit relatives. Margaret's father was born in Northern Ireland and her mother in Canada.

Joe and Margaret were married a year later in Minnesota. Joseph was 26 when they got married and Margaret was 27.

Joseph and Margaret set up their new homestead south of Kremlin. Margaret was sometimes lonely and missed the trees and lakes of Minnesota. The closest neighbors they had were mostly bachelors through the years while they lived on the farm.

(click photos to enlarge)             
Bob/Arlene Koutnik and Randy     
Bob and Arlene Koutnik and Randy, abt 1945


Joseph and Margaret had five children: Eleanor, Robert "Bob", Russell, Louis, and William "Bill". All the children were born on the farm except Bill, who was born in Havre.

        Eleanor Koutnik Nelson
        (Mrs. Lenus Nelson) and Karen
Eleanor Koutnik Nelson and Karen

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