Kremlin Homesteader John Reynolds, 1911

This history of Kremlin Homesteader John Reynolds was part of a group of histories of early Kremlin Homesteaders based on interviews and compiled in 1989 for the Montana Centennial.

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Kremlin Homesteader John Reynolds was among the earliest arriving
Kremlin homesteaders in 1911.

John Reynolds was born October 16, 1882 in Grand Forks County, east of Inkster, North Dakota where his father had a homestead.

After the turn of the century when there was little homestead land available in North Dakota, he and his brothers and father left North Dakota for Canada.

In 1905 they homesteaded about forty miles north of Lethbridge, Alberta Canada. Each of them filed on a quarter of the same section.

His father gave the name of Bowville to this community because the Little Bow River flowed through it.

In the early 1900's he sold his homestead in Canada and bought land northwest of Kremlin. It was there that he met and married Pauline Buch, who had moved with her family to the area from Minnesota. [Editors Note: Border Crossing records show John Reynolds crossing from Canada to U.S. in November 1911 at Sweet Grass, Montana.]

They raised four daughters and two sons, Georgia, Phyllis, Norman, Helen, Corrine and John, all of whom attended the Kremlin school system through high school.

Many changes took place throughout their farming years from the horse drawn plow and threshing machines, to the big four wheel drive tractors and modern farm machinery.

John farmed the land until 1962 when he sold it to his youngest son, Johnny. They continued to live on the farm until John passed away in March of 1966, and Pauline in May of 1967.

Their son John farmed the land until his illness in the spring of 1988. He passed away in November, 1988.

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